Come down and join a free 8 week boot camp + more leading to the grand opening of PLC Ormeau.

Every Sunday 8am starting on 4th of August!

Peachey Park
Tillyroen Rd,
Ormeau Hills QLD 4208

Don’t forget to bring a towel, lots of water and tons of energy!

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All This & More

Get excited because it’s for a limited time only!
Once the 8 weeks is over we will not be running another one.

8 Weeks of Free Outdoor Training

8 Week Meal Plan

Before & After Body Scans

Guaranteed Results

Kids & Dog Friendly

No Contracts & No Obligation

Hear from those that have actually done it

“The fact that I know what I'm going to do when I get here. Everything's worked out for me. [Compared to going to a usual gym] and sit there and not know what to do..”

“It's not a gym. It's about lifestyle. It's very community-orientated.. When you go to a [usual] gym, you're treated like a number. You walk up here and you're treated like a human being.”

“I come here because it's like my second family.”

“The atmosphere. Everybody's so nice.. positive and encouraging.”

“A lot of the other classes, I haven't really enjoyed going to.. the environment and the vibe [at PLC] makes you want to try harder and harder and makes you want to come back.”

“I come back for the atmosphere. Not many clubs do it like you do" "I feel way more comfortable, motivated and excited to come here.”

Fit Camp Details

Every Sunday 8am starting 4th of August

Peachey Park,
Tillyroen Rd,
Ormeau Hills QLD 4208


If you have any questions and/or general inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

[email protected]

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