Peak Performance Mindset

Peak Performance is all about mental agility, and it doesn’t necessary matter what happens outside in the world whether its COVID, disruption in the marketplace etc.

In saying this, many of us are now working from home, on laptops and zoom calls all day – and we may find that our mindset has been tested more than ever. Use these tips and tricks to help you understand what’s going on in your head, and to set yourself up for positive psychology and mental agility.


Our brain is 73% water, and it only takes 2% less than the 2L of water you’re meant to drink throughout the day to affect our cognitive processing and mental skills by 48% (i.e. attention span). Contextualised, 48% is equivalent to a 0.05% alcohol reading! This is called the ‘Slow Down Effect’. If you’re not drinking enough water, by 3pm you’ve got very little attention span left.


90 minutes of sweating can temporarily shrink your brain by up to a years worth of ageing. Excuse me, what? Yep. It’s great if we’re exercising, in a steam room or sauna, but your brain will shrink if you’re not properly hydrated during the experience. Water is everything when it comes to brain cells and neural pathways.


You have 50,000 thoughts a day, and only 10% of them are conscious. The way in which we developed as a species was in caves surrounded by 15 people or less, and we didn’t want to be eaten by animals outside. So, naturally 70% of our thoughts are negative and safety oriented (such as “I’m hungry”, “I’m tired,” “I need to eat” etc). Subsequently, only 30% are neutral or positive psychology thoughts. To increase 30% to 40, 50, 60% positive psychology, it’s going to take serious personal development work.


In the workforce, we do sprints. A dedicated 50 minute sprint only wired to one particular task will make you 68% more effective over the course of the week. During this, you shouldn’t involve anyone else, don’t answer the phone, reply to a text or see any notifications pop up. Your brain likes sprints, but it cannot be more than 50 minutes long. Take 10 minutes off and go again if you can. Aim for a 50 minute sprint 1-3 times a day. The task can be anything related to your job like copywriting, campaign work, rostering or P&L spreadsheets.


Your brain loves to see things as living things. The most optimal working space is a white space (or natural wood), and having a real plant sit near you. If the brain believes it’s in a living space, it sends the signal to take in more oxygen therefore increasing your alertness. Additionally, place one little object that is bright orange or red on your desk (our fave is the lucas papaw ointment). Every now and then you’ll see a flash of it out of the corner of your eye and it will wake your brain up.


Your brain has 5 bars of power from the moment you wake up. If you woke up with an alarm clock today, unfortunately you’re down 1 bar of power. Your brain likes to wake up naturally, or to some kind of music, rhythmic music. The only thing that stores bars of power is meditation and sleep (like a 10 minute nap).

We only have 4 hours maximum of 5 bar brain power per day (24 hours), and that’s if we wake up naturally or to music. The way we use our time can be segmented, but it doesn’t mean we can’t have more. Surgeons, military etc have learnt to have more than 4 bars of power. Train your brain over a 3 day period to wake up naturally/ to music and restore bars throughout the day so that you have enough energy to get you through. This will also help increase your positive psychology from 30% to 40, 50, 60% too.

Additionally, if you have a busy day ahead, find your workflow of the day and work at your peak period not your low period because that will affect your mental wellbeing.